We’re back!

So, we’ve been on a long hiatus dealing with things in our personal lives. But, it’s a new year and photography season is picking up! Recently we did a photo shoot of Nina and Nick, a lovely couple and personal friends of Karen. ┬áHere’s one photo from the shoot. If you want to see more, head on over to our Facebook and check out the album of Nick and Nina! This shoot was also featured on Frock stock’s fashion blog here.

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Nina and Nick


Nathalie and Mike’s Retro Love Picnic

Gumballs. Vintage Cola’s. A sunset. A too-cute-for-words couple. What more could we ask for in a shoot?! Nathalie and Mike are, more or less, the epitome of an adorable couple. Not only do they LOOK perfect together, but just by interacting with them, you can see how in love these two really are. While Tina and I were looking over the photos, we encountered one small problem–there were TOO many good pictures! We really had too many great photos of these two. Here’s just a few shots from that AWESOME shoot!So. Adorable.The happy couple!

Please stay tuned for our next shoot, Amanda & Meg’s Vintage Tea Party!

Love & Hearts,

K & T

Got Love?

If you don’t, then you miiight want to take a look at the new photos we just shot of Allison and Kevin. This couple is the epitome of sweet. Not only do they look totally in love, Allison’s belly is proof! She is nine months along, and still looking beautiful. We brought them out to Avalon Park, but took them off the road well traveled. As we hiked, we saw Kevin walking behind Allison–with his hands on her belly. How freakin’ cute?!

Stay tuned for pictures from our most recent photoshoot, Nathalie and Mikey’s Retro Picnic!

Love and Paper Hearts,

K & T